Ringtone: Hell Sink Ye

In my previous post I mentioned that I recorded a song that is now the ringtone on my snazzy new phone, so I thought I’d let anyone interested hear the tune and provide a lite “Behind the Music” backgrounder…

The name of the song is “Hell Sink Ye” and you can download the short ringtone version or the full version.

I came up with the idea for this song while driving to the office and listening to NPR. In the background of a press conference, I heard several cell phones ring. Most of the phones were apparently Nokias, since the rings were the ubiquitous and annoying “Nokia Song” default ringtone, which has wormed its way into the world’s collective psyche over the years.

At that point I resolved to create an instrumental heavy-metal parody of the Nokia song and call it “Hell Sink Ye”. (Get it? Helsinki, Nokia). Jason & I found a few spare hours and wrote and recorded the tune. If it amuses you, feel free to share it or install it as the ringtone on your phone. And if anyone reading this post knows how to get a song distributed via any of the major downloadable ringtone services, let me know.