Blogospheric Infoporn

Dave Sifry of Technorati has done a great three-part (1, 2, 3) series of posts on the size and shape of the blogosphere where he provides some fun charts and graphs on the development of the world of weblogs over the past several months since he last posted on this topic after his presentation at last October’s Web2.0 conference. Since October, the number of blogs indexed and links tracked by Technorati has doubled to nearly eight million blogs and nearly one billion links. I’m happy to say that I am one of the new bloggers contributing the the growth, though sometimes that just makes me feel like a statistic. 🙂

My kudos go to the team at Technorati for scaling up to meet the torrid growth of the blogosphere thus far, all the while adding many new features along the way. And I wish them the best of luck to them as they rise to meet the challenge of another doubling of their universe over the next five months and contemplate a quadrupling of it by year’s end.