Technorati and PR Newswire

Many blog pundits have predicted that blogs and RSS will ultimately kill the press release / newswire business. But as Mark Twain might say, “the rumors of the press release’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” At least thus far.

The more accurate thing to say is that world of PR will be forever changed by the emergence of citizen media. PR Newswire is wisely embracing this change and has just announced a deal with Technorati, whereby reader of PR Newswire’s press releases online are provided with links to Technorati at the bottom of every press release they publish online. The press release can be found here at PR Newswire, and the real-time conversation going on in the blogosphere about this release can be found here.

Congrats to both Technorati and PR Newswire, each of whom has made both the press release and the blogosphere more relevant by bringing them together.

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