Spurn in NYC

Fop2My brother Ross A. McIntyre is a founder/producer/actor in a comedy troupe in New York called spurn.  Ross sent me note today mentioning that spurn (and Ross) was featured today in BlogChelsea noting spurn’s upcoming return to the People’s Improv Theater for the next three Saturdays at 8pm beginning this Saturday, July 7th. 

Ross and spurn have been early adopters of internet technology and have had a web presence for years and got into distribution of video via podcasting and video-sharing sites early on and are close to reaching their millionth download of spurn video content.  The photo I’ve included at the head of this post is a shot from a sketch in the new show called Twentieth Century Fops.  My brother is the fop on the left.  I’m amused without even seeing the sketch. 

A couple years ago, I also had the pleasure of collaborating with my brother on a short film spurn produced called Mr. Unlucky.  My bandmates and I spent a weekend writing, arranging, recording and performing the soundtrack to this seven minute short.  It was the first time we’d tried soundtrack work, and we were all pleased with the results and hope to do more some day.  You can download Mr. Unlucky here.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several Spurn shows through the years and have enjoyed laughing heartily (and often with a strange mixture of outrage, discomfort and embarrassment) at each of the shows I’ve been to.  If you are in NYC over the next few weekends, go check out spurn!

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