More iPhone Observations

I thought I’d add a few more thoughts to round out my previous review of the iPhone. First, noting Sam’s comments about Apple wanting to go to market with broad coverage worldwide, I’ll agree that the GSM choice made sense, especially given availability of 3G GSM across the pond, though my American provincialism still requires me to complain and pine for EVDO here in the USA — even if Verizon refused to do a deal with Apple in the first place, as is rumored.

And I’ve discovered two more things to complain about. I’ve noticed audio distortion/clipping during music playback when the EQ is set to boost the bass response, which is not something I’ve observed in any of the other iPods I’ve owned. Second, for some reason, my iPhone seems to cause more speakerphone/polycom buzz than any other smartphone. My last phone was a T-Mobile Dash and before that a Sidekick, and they caused the buzz if they were within about two feet of my Cisco phone. My iPhone causes buzzing as far away as five feet from the phone.

Has anyone else had audio distortion issues or noticed a greater level of RF interference coming from their iPhone vs. other phones?

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