High-Def Haiku

In my previous post, I offered to mail my HD-DVD player and my (small) library of HD-DVDs to the author of the best Haiku about the high-definition format wars, provided the recipient cover shipping costs. First, here are the Haikus that were submitted (some via comments, some via email, a couple I authored just because I like Haiku).

From my friend Carl Rosendahl:


Takes a whole line of Haiku

Not so with Blu-Ray

From me:

Blu-Ray Victory

Good Bye HD-DVD

We hardly knew thee

Format Wars finished

High definition is Blu

Toshiba loses

Blu’s two syllables

Trump HD-DVD’s five

Simple always wins

From my brother-in-law Eric Budin:

Sony, lost Beta

Did not want the “Blus” again

So bribed Warner Bros

From reader Brian Hart:

Blu-Ray wins the war?

So long, region-free HD.

Pass me a Guinness…


Uses blue laser, as well.

Where’s the ‘e’ in Blu?

Given that Carl said he didn’t want the player and I don’t want to be accused of nepotism by giving the player to my brother-in-law, the award goes to Brian Hart, who also was the first to reply with a Haiku. And for the record, his second one is the one I happen to think is best too. Congrats Brian — send me your mailing address and I’ll get the player shipped out to you.

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