The Glue Conference

GlueAll.jpgMy partners and I at Foundry Group have been involved with Eric Norlin for the past few years, and he has put on two great Defrag Conferences in Denver over the past two years (the inspiration for which came out of our work on our Implicit Web investment theme), and now we’ve decided to add another one to the mix: The Glue Conference, which will be held on May 12th and 13th in Denver.

The idea for the Glue Conference came out of our work at Foundry Group on our Glue investment theme and brainstorming with Eric about how we could take the basic notion of the web as a platform and dig in at a fairly technical level into the problems, challenges and opportunities that arise when one assumes the web and the cloud as a given and as the fundamental platform going forward.

Glue’s got a great agenda, including keynotes from the likes of Mitch Kapor (Lotus founder), Bob Frankston (VisiCalc creator) and Josh Elman (Facebook platform).

And, as far as conferences go, it is a bargain, only $495 for two days, so go ahead and register here. The Foundry Group partners will be out in force, and Seth and Brad (and I’m sure Jason and I will join in the fun at some point) will even be sitting down to listen to pitches from entrepreneurs during the conference.