Memeo Share Gets Five Stars at Cnet’s


Congrats to Foundry Group portfolio company Memeo for receiving a five star rating from cnet’s for the new release of Memeo Share, version 2! just gave Memeo Share a five star editor’s rating, and they’ve got a nice more detailed blog post about the software here.

I’ve known Memeo’s founder, Hong Bui for several years and met him right when he was starting up Memeo. We hadn’t yet raised the Foundry Group fund at the time, but the stars aligned when Memeo decided to raise a venture round coincident with the close of Foundry’s fund, so Memeo was one of the first companies we invested in out of the new fund.

Memeo fits squarely into our digital life theme at Foundry Group and it has been great to work with the company as they’ve built on their vision to take a core technology for managing, copying, protecting, sharing and synchronizing files across multiple devices to deliver a suite of products that offers solutions for file backup, file sync and now, file sharing.

Version 2 of Memeo Share is a great leap forward in functionality and ease-of-use from their already-excellent version 1, and it makes sharing full-res photos and videos among friends and family incredibly simple and allows you to do it directly from your desktop, and gives you the option of avoiding sharing your photos on public photosharing and social networking sites, though it also provides tools that make it really easy to autopost photos on Facebook or to Memeo’s cloud-based backup service, if you want to socialize or protect your photos and videos.

Way to go, team memeo — the new version of share is looking really good!